Sunday, 18 December 2011

Granny Pad first guest

Hello Granny's,
The Granny pad hosted its first guest, Georgia, this weekend in the now fully equipped "Blue Bedroom". This room has previously been the dumping ground and now all the things have homes (stuffed in cupboards mainly) so you can now access the bed without risk of injury, hooray!
Here is a picture of the newly improved Blue Bedroom:

I was assured that it was a pleasant nights sleep so guest bookings will be open in the new year. 

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More Pictures....

Some more random pictures for your pleasure x

Im Backkk!!

Sorryy about the lack of updates, the granny pad did not come with technology such as the Internet so we had to wait ages for it!
Lots and lots has been done, we are finally in properly and our stuff is all here. It is taking FOREVER to unpack everything but its coming together slowly. We now have new carpets and our fire will be fitted next week which is tres exciting. Its starting to feel alot more like home. Here are some pictures and i will update again later this week when the guest room is done (it has to be as Georgia's coming to stay) and the kitchen is properly sorted as it is currently the dumping ground! So here is some random pictures that i have taken really quickly because i have been terrible at updating. 
Enjoy and i will be reallyy good this weekend i promise and take loads of super good pictures and have a super tidy house (hopefully)
Love you all!!!

 How our fire will look (not with a cardboard surround obviously!)
 Bens room
 Living room
 Dining room

 Our room
 The Guest room.... Needs tidying a bit!
 The Pantry complete with beaded curtain
 Where i put all your cards in my hallway :)
 Beautiful Carpet
 Utility Room


Friday, 2 December 2011

Not much to report!

No exciting updates today, we just went shopping! Really sad when your pennies get spent on "sensible" items such as washing machines and fridges (they are so expensive!) We also bought a single bed and a double bed for the blue bedroom and a drill. How depressing! I get excited about housey things but they have to be the most boring purchases ever. 
We went into the bed shop and they have a bargain section downstairs (where we bought the bed) and a posh showroom upstairs. James came down when i was paying and told the lady he had hidden a large bogey on an item of furniture in the showroom and she had to find it - so we cant go in there again :)
We also moved most of our stuff to the house that is now piled up in the kitchen and painted the first coat in our bedroom.  2 Days until move in, LOADS still to do.............
I warned you this post was not exciting!
Love love love xxxxx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Getting somewhere

Finally managed to get somewhere and the house is looking nearly livable. We have just come home after a massive tidy round and you can now see what we have achieved.. loads! Its beginning to look slightly less granny pad but don't worry there is still some old lady charm. James has been doing some more fitting of the fire (nearly ready to put in!) and he finished the living room painting while i was at work. We have wallpapered our bedroom ready for painting tomorrow which is TRES exciting! The plan is to start moving stuff over tomorrow because im working all weekend and theres loads of stuff to sort out at our rented house ready for the big move on Sunday! Its all feeling a little big better now, mainly because i have had some sleep and got home at a reasonable hour. I am now off to enjoy a hot bath and wash paint out of my hair!

Love to you all!
Kerri and James xxx

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Camera Bust

Hello readers!
For some strange reason my pictures wont upload, but i will make sure i get them up tomorrow on James computer!Today we have prepped the fire - the hole was not big enough so we took to the wall with a hammer.. and James hurt himself lots! The plumber came round and said we had to do it (or pay two people for a days work) which was unexpected as now my two beautiful coats of paint are now covered in brick dust - gutted! Thankyou to Millie who has been a little star and helped me with painting, could not have done it without you! On a brighter note bens room is nearly done. James and his Gran put up the coving yesturday and we have put two coats of paint on today, one more and it will be done! He's having a dinosaur room and we found a wall mural to go on a wall. His rooms a light green and white and were getting dinosaur bedding and such like, hope he likes it!
Tonight we had guest stippers Katie and Andy who brought chinese (Eaten on the floor with paper plates and cutlery) and then were forced to finish our room ready for wallpapering tomorrow. 
We have chosen the wallpaper for the dining room and living room, its going on the back wall of the dining room and in the alcoves of the living room. Link here:

Not going to attempt that until i have more experience wallpapering :)

We made the decision to push the carpets back until next wednesday - we have taken farr too much on and need an extra few days to get sorted. We aim to move our stuff into one room on Friday and make a bed up ready for the full move on Sunday, not going to bother unpacking until the carpets and decorating are done. 

I am so sorry about the lack of updates and the rubbishness of tonights blog - i did not realise how tired one person could be until we bought this house, fallen into bed each night and fell asleep before our heads touched the pillow. I will be much much better next week i promise. I keep taking pictures so they will all be up when i have time and energy to sort through them!

Love you all